Rethink Personal Training: Corrective and Designed for You

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566 S Broad St Glen Rock, Bergen County, New Jersey 0745

My name is Michael Sieber and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist located in Bergen County New Jersey.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Who Wants You To Move Functionally

I have been offering personal training in northern New Jersey for years now, specifically servicing the Ridgewood and Glen Rock region. I know what it means to work with achy bodies, tight muscles, injuries, and motivate others to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.  If You’re tired of cookie cutter bootcamp style workouts, that are fun for a while until ultimately you end up too tight or possibly even injured to keep training, and would like someone who is constantly focused on YOU and YOUR unique body, then your search is over.


The Personal Training Session Is Always 100% Focused On YOUR Weak Spots, Tight Muscles, and Weak Movements.

We will work together to design a plan that includes:

  1. Core Stability Training – prevent unnecessary low back pain by conditioning the core properly,which aids in everything from walking to lifting heavy weights
  2. Stability Training –  Training your balance and reflex responses is vital for coordinated movements, even carrying heavy groceries or potentially tripping on a curb require stabilizers that can react quickly and have stamina.
  3. Strength – We will work to isolate weak muscles with specified training, and then integrate them into more complex and athletic movements that transfer over to daily activities. For example you perform many squats each day when you sit up and down in a chair!  By training the squat your muscles become stronger and more effective for daily tasks.
  4. Power – Develop more athletic abilities and speed, agility, and ability to react quickly to your environment.

You will burn fat. Decrease aches and pain.  Increase your Flexibility. AND Grow stronger.

How I started:

I began my Personal Training career in Bergen County to help others learn about why moving properly is so important for good health.  In a world where sitting, driving, and being cooped up in an office are becoming more and more common, it is imperative that we stay in touch with our body. I have made it my mission and goal in life to help as many people grow stronger and attain a more balanced and healthy lifestyle by spending more time training their body and mind as one.  This involves strength training and proper nutrition of course. As your trainer I am not going to judge you, BUT I will push you out of your comfort zone, your limits, and your fears.  The body and the mind are connected, and having a stronger body makes for a healthy and powerful individual. My training always emphasizes functional training, compound movements such as the Deadlift, Squat, and Lunge are common.  I train with an emphasis on developing a stronger core, better balance, and a more shapely body. After a few weeks training with me you will: lose weight, become more confident, learn more about how to move your body, develop a stronger core, and thus be happier. So please contact me if you are interested in working with a Personal Trainer in Bergen County if you are still not sure browse around the site a bit to get more of an idea of who I am and what I stand for. If you are located in the Northern New Jersey area, specifically Bergen County, and would like me to be your Personal Trainer and Coach, please take the time to reach out and provide a brief outline of where you are in your life and your specific goals! Please, do not hesitate to call, I work with all ages and ability levels, I will never judge or make you perform exercises in an unsafe or uncontrolled manner. Call 201-280-9304 and book your first Personal Training session today.

How it Works:

*Training is by appointment only.  I offer different packages which include coming once, twice or three times per week. *I train in a small semi-private studio environment.  There are NO big gym crowds.  This is NOT a membership gym, the focus is 100% on YOU and YOUR GOALS and Body NEEDS! I offer training times for 30 minutes, 45minutes, or 1 hour. If you are truly committed our training will include off-day maintenance, diet guidelines to follow, and a comprehensive movement assessment. It is highly recommended that you get to your sessions 5-15 minutes early to warm-up and stretch a bit before the session starts as this maximizes our workout together and I will not have to be concerned about warming you up.

Mike Sieber is an amazing trainer. Part of my recovery from Surgery was to get very specific strength training. Mike was very focused during our sessions and his determination and knowledge helped me get back to being me. I strongly recommend Mike.

John Burgoyne

Glen Rock, NJ

I enjoyed working with Mike. He is knowledgeable and willing to listen and work with me in areas that were most helpful to me personally rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Anne Ertman

Mahwah, NJ

Mike is awesome to work with very knowledgeable. Highly recommend. Great Experience!

Omiara R.

Bergen County, NJ

As a retired senior, I wanted to “get in shape, and stay in shape.” I’ve been a client for ~18months and am more than pleased with how Mike has helped me.  He pushes me just the right amount – not to little and not too much.  Mike has worked on strengthening my core and improving my balance.  Additionally, he focuses on breathing and posture.  Mike has had tremendous patience with me.  I think I’m in much better shape than most of my peers.

Kay - Ridgewood

Training with Michael Sieber has made a huge difference in my health and well-being. Each session is always different and varied, so I may be doing planks, bird-dogs, deadlift leg raises, or even boxing. I could do NONE of these things before Mike started working with me. He is considerate of my “bad” knee yet continually encourages and challenges me with movements to increase my posture, strength, flexibility and balance. And it’s worked! Numerous people have even asked me if I’ve gotten taller because I am standing so much straighter. My goal to train was for physical health reasons, but I’ve also gone down a size and feel proud of myself and what I have been able to accomplish. Mike is low key, so you don’t feel intimidated, he clearly demonstrates moves and makes sure you are in correct form as you train. And he makes it fun too! I highly recommend Mike @ The Functional Body to help you become a better version of you.


Waldwick, NJ

I was lucky enough to find Mike on Living Social. I was looking for someone to”get me in shape” for an upcoming wedding. Mike did that and more in a few short months. As a person Mike is a stand up guy. He was very flexible with my schedule, very punctual, he invested a lot of his own time into my training. I had back surgery a few years ago and told Mike about it at my consultation. By the next session he had done full research on my condition and had a plan of attack moving forward. Always with my health and well being first. Mike incorporated exercises and stretches that I had never tried before which kept me interested in getting back to the gym. He also took time out to teach me about healthy diet and eating. All of his time and effort along with my time and effort paid off. I achieved the results I was hoping for and learned many new things to help me keep up a healthy lifestyle. Not only is Mike a trainer, he is a life changer. Thanks Mike.

Todd Rossig

New Milford, NJ

Mike has been my trainer for almost a year, and I am so lucky to have found him.  He is reliable, professional, and very knowledgeable about how the body works.  Because of him, I have seen many positive changes in my strength, flexibility, and overall physical health.  What sets Mike apart is his ability to make workouts accessible to people of varying fitness levels.  He is passionate about personal training; always wanting to try something new to keep workouts from becoming mundane.  He is great about focusing on the fundamentals like mobility, balance, and core.  Mike tailors workouts to how I am feeling that day, and is able to strike a balance between pushing my limits without overdoing it.  I have had lower back problems my entire life, however while working out it is never an issue.

Michelle - Teacher in Ridgewood NJ

Mike is a phenomenal trainer and awesome person. I trained with Mike for about three months and find him to be dedicated to his work and to a healthy lifestyle. He works you hard and encourages clean eating. Mike is truly invested in your personal success. You won’t be just another client passing through. Mike is not only professional, incredibly knowledgeable about exercises, movement, anatomy but he also has an incredible energy and spirit that motivates you to commit to each session. Mike will always make sure you’re doing workouts with the correct form and working on a proper-targeted muscle group, so not only you’re reducing risk of injury but also you can feel the progress faster! Mike is a trainer who is walking the walk and practicing what he or she preaches. Leading by example. Mike is trainer that is truly skilled and can masterfully balance patience with a motivating attitude that can differentiate between real obstacles and excuses. This is one of the most difficult aspects of personal training. Mike has a thorough understanding of how the body moves and functions. This knowledge is based on human anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, exercise programming, biomechanics and nutrition. As a Professor of Kinesiology and a Food Science Nutritionist, a personal trainer that is able to blend education and motivation into a planned exercise program is a successful trainer. Mike acts as a guiding force as he directs his clients on a path of increased well-being and health. Mike is careful to oversee and communicate the principles of the training program in a manner that is safe to the client. When the training becomes difficult, or when the client lacks the necessary motivation to follow the program through areas of challenge; Mike is perceptive enough to know when to offer adequate support and encouragement. Mike will provide feedback and insight on how the training is progressing and be able to keep me engaged in the fitness program. Given my extensive knowledge of how the body works, finding a great trainer was not easy for me. I am confident I have found one in Mike


Ridgewood, NJ