1. You refuse to cut out sugar, white carbs, and table salts, and alcohol.

White sugar, breads, and salts all lack essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, etc. that would be found in their whole-food based organic counterparts. So when you eat these foods, your body has to scavenge for these minerals and vitamins so that it can process them. This means that not only are you stressing your body to process crappy processed foods, you are also leaching vitamins and minerals from your own body! Honestly 90% of the people that walk in to train and get coaching with me would get all of the results they wanted if they cut these processed foods from their diets completely, or only consumed them on special occasions. Alcohol, or ethanol, can only be processed by the liver and requires a tremendous amount of work on your liver and detoxification systems. It essentially is just pure sugar that your liver has to process completely.

For example, consider the effects of consuming so much high fructose corn syrup and this review of the data by the AMerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition

“The intake of caloric sweeteners in the United States has increased rapidly, and nationally representative data from 1994 to 1998 from the USDA allow us to estimate an intake of 318 kcal/d for the average US resident aged ≥ 2 y. This value is one-sixth of the intake of all calories and close to one-third of the intake of all carbohydrates and represents a significant increase over the past 2 decades”

Princton found that the processed sugar high fructose corn syrup adds considerably more weight than regular unprocessed sugar alternatives

“Rats with access to high-fructose corn syrup gained significantly more weight than those with access to table sugar, even when their overall caloric intake was the same. ”

Nearly 1/3rd of all Americans carbohydrate intake is coming from refined processed garbage!  This is why obesity rates are through the roof. Processed sugar KILLS you, it acts as a poison on the body that your liver must break down, instead of being used in the form of glucose by the entire body like whole grains, starches, and other unrefined sources of carbohydrates are broken down.

The fact is if you cannot cut out sugar, and the same applies to white flour etc. you will never see success and will always be inflamed and fat.

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Check out documentaries like FED UP to learn just how negative and addicting sugar can actually be on the human body.

2.  You are too stressed out.

Stress destroys the body’s ability to recover and repair properly. Having high levels of stress hormones such as cortisol will lead to your hormonal system getting thrown out of whack. This leads to further disruptions in your sleep pattern, energy levels, ability to manage stress, and even to cravings for crappy food for quick energy. Some signs that you’re too stressed are: weight gain, fatigue, sugar and excessive salt cravings, disrupted sleep patterns, anxiety for social situations, irritability, and mood swings, as well as not recovering from workouts properly.   Many of the individuals I train do not practice any stress reduction techniques or have long commutes that lead to excess stress. Oftentimes we say that we “can’t” alter our lifestyles, at the expense of our health. I would ask is it really worth it to get a metabolic disease, cancer, or some other illness, all for money in the short-term?Women in White Turtle Neck Shirt and Red Lipstick

3. You’ve done too many extreme diets and haven’t learned to balance wholesome organic foods.

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Most people do stupid cleanses and flushing and detox programs that have them waste a ton of money on sub-par shakes that they could just easily make themselves. Certain diets DO work, but it is much better to just listen to your body and base your dietary approach on this simple principle: Eat real foods from an organic source. 100 years ago there was no such thing as food that was not organic, modern agriculture has been sold to us as the solution to feeding the world, this is a giant lie. It’s a business for profit. By just eating real food you can stop the dumb dieting forever. Avoid processed foods like the plague, as most of them act as a poison on the body, and eat balanced meals.

The other thing most people do is leave out entire food groups, mainly fats. Your brain is 60% fat and you need it to thrive and lose weight in most cases. Each plate of food should calorically be divided between protein, fat, carbs(veggies or maybe a healthy starch for most people), and then you want to try to get as many vitamins and minerals as possible within these foods. It’s simple. Eat plenty of high quality organic protein: wild caught fish, grass-fed beef, wild game, free range poultry, eggs, raw cheeses etc. Eat tons of COLD fats: coconut oil, grass-fed butter, olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds etc. Eat plenty of GREENS: kale, broccoli, bok choy, spinach, brussel sprouts. Add in carbohydrates as you feel needed such as rice, quinoa, potatoes, etc. as you feel needed, everyone requires a different amount of these carbohydrate fuel sources so just listen to your body, but always include some healthy protein and fat on your plate.

4. You’re body is a toxic.

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We are bombarded by plastics, chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, untested GMO foods, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals in the water supply, toxic air, and plenty of other chemicals that mess up your bodily systems. You NEED to be healthy in today’s modern world or else you’re going to get knocked out just from the amount of toxins that your body is exposed to. Chemical contaminants disrupt the hormonal system first, this means thyroid, adrenals, pituitary etc. will become irregular. This can lead to weight gain, fatigue, etc.   Clean up your environment by only using organic hair, skin, and nail supplies. Place plants around your house, buy high-quality water filters, and only eat fresh organic food when possible. Another key component of detoxification is sweating, so a sauna is a good option, or just a tough workout outside in the sun. Make sure to keep your vitamin and mineral levels high by eating tons of organic greens and veggies as these help the liver detox this garbage that our bodies are constantly being bombarded with.

5. You simply do not move enough.

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Unfortunately in modern society some people are just not moving at all. 2 hours of working out with a trainer won’t do much if half the time training you need to stretch and mobilize because you’re so darn tight from sitting and driving 70 hours a week. Multiple times I’ve seen people who were stuck at a plateau who started walking a minimum of 3 miles per day lose a ton of weight. Walking for 45 minutes a day is really not that much movement, and it will not over-stress the body, so I highly recommend this practice. Another way to move more is get a standing desk, do some squats or lunges at the office, or take walking phone calls and meetings when you can. You need to MOVE! Moving pumps the bodies blood and lymph systems which helps clear waste, detox, and gives you a natural endorphin high.

Weight loss is not rocket science, but the simple fact of the matter is that your number 1 concern in life should be making your body into a clean environment.  Cellular reproduction, vitality, and health, is predicated by hormonal health, good sleep, manageable stress levels, exercise, and good nutrition.  Without these factors metabolic disease, stress, inability to cope with exercise, cancer, and illness are more likely and in fact probable.

When we address the issue of exposing the body to less chemicals, eating more high quality organic food, cutting out sugar, MOVING every single day, and simply eating in a way that works for our unique bodies and genetics, we will naturally lose weight and have beautiful bodies, both inside AND out.

See you in the gym soon!

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