Whats up everyone, in this Vlog I talk about the importance of getting deep and restful sleep.  Getting proper sleep is something that pretty much all of us know we need to do, but it helps to have practical tips that you can implement TODAY, to help you with these goals!

In this video I go over things such as:

  • Why not getting enough sleep is holding you back from recovering and gaining strength
  • How your cortisol rhythm could be holding you back, keeping stress hormones too high all day can prevent you from getting deep sleep.
  • How using decaf herbal teas can help wind down the body.
  • Using an earthing sheet to get the benefits of the earth’s electrons, and unwind from EMF damage being done to the body.
  • Using a low dose of Melatonin, 1 MG or so to help push down stress hormone levels and get deeper sleep.
  • …and more


The truth is my sleep held me back for a really long time.  I had to wake up at 5 AM and often work late until 8PM or so, my night-time ritual has been a real life-saver and enhancer.

Without proper sleep you WONT LOSE WEIGHT!!! There is tons of research directly linking excess weight to poor sleep, lack of sleep can mess up blood sugar, and it can cause brain damage!

As I show in the video, if you get less than 6 hours of sleep a night you are essentially functioning with the brain of someone who is drunk! (in terms of the neurological impairment)

There is ZERO point in buying expensive supplements, taking pre-workouts, or worrying about your hormone levels, if you do not get deep and restful sleep.  Sleep is the body’s form of total rest, and it is where we do all of our vital physical and mental repair.  Many of us do not know how to turn our minds off and lower our stress levels, this causes us to stay up all night thinking and living our day over in our heads.  Then we wake up the next day and do it all over again.  After a while this causes an over-reliance on caffeine, sugar, and other stimulants to keep us going.  This leads us to a viscous cycle that can cause stress, illness, and disease.

Remember, working out is simply the STIMULUS that PROMOTES the growth of muscles and fat burning, none of this actually happens until your body repairs itself!  How well you recover and repair your body will determine how good your results are, those who do not appreciate the power of high quality sleep are holding themselves back from success in every area in life.

You MUST be selfish when it comes to your sleep!  I recommend to clients that they spare ZERO expenses when it comes to getting good sleep. If you need a new mattress, buy one tomorrow, if you need to work less, then unwind from work earlier and work less, if you need to stop training late at night, stop training late at night.  If you are drinking coffee too late in the day, stop drinking coffee.  It is highly imperative that you do whatever it takes when it comes to your sleep.  You spend a third of your life sleeping (or you should) after all.

People come to me looking for a workout, but it doesn’t make much sense to perform intense exercise if you don’t sleep now does it?  You cannot burn out the body and mind and expect to have a sexy and toned body.  Chances are if you neglect your sleep you will have the opposite, a soft, flabby, out of shape and overly stressed out physique.  Some people can get away with pushing themselves, but nearly always it does not work in the long term, this is why I emphasize an holistic approach that assesses your entire lifestyle.  It is good sometimes to assess how you spend your days and the habits that create the beautiful body and being that is you!!!!

Check out the video for more of my tips on sleeping deeply and how it can improve your health and well-being!!